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If It Takes A Coin We Can Fix It

We have been repairing coin operated devices for more than 3 decades. If you have a game that takes a coin, there is a very good chance we can fix it. We also have a huge selection of replacement parts for hundreds of different devices so even if your bowler, pinball, arcade game, etc. needs a replacement part...we may even have it at our shop.

We specialize in the repair and restoration of:

  • EM Pinball Machines
  • Solid State Pinball Machines
  • Puck and Ball Bowlers
  • Gun and Shooting Games
  • Jukeboxes
  • Arcade Machines
  • Dart Machines
  • Candy and Treat Dispensors
  • Trade Stimulators
  • Slot Machines
  • and pretty much anything that takes a coin

Some Services We Provide

Pinball Salvage can fix, modify, restore, and maintain your valuable coin operated machines. We are not only here to fix something after it breaks but also to help you keep your machine in tip top condition avoiding expensive repairs in the future. Keeping your machines running great means more money on your route or in your business. We are man cave specialists and can conveniently come to your home to maintain or repair your devices. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Pinball shopping including cleaning, waxing, and rubber replacement
  • EM and solid state pinball repair including: PCB repair, cabinet stenciling, wiring, coil replacement, coin mech repair
  • Puck and ball bowler repair
  • Pinball and arcade sales services. We have connections and if you want to sell your machine, we just may know someone willing to give good money for it.
  • Jukebox repair - Old or new we can fix them
  • Arcade repair including; monitor capping and replacement, board repair/replacement, wiring, cabinet refacing, painting, and stenciling
  • Multicade conversion - Have an old arcade cabinet and want a multicade? We build them.
  • Gun and shooting game repair
  • Slot machine calibration
  • Arcade and pinball moving services - These machines are heavy. Let us move them for you!

‚ÄčAbove is just a brief description of what Pinball Salvage can do for your route, business, arcade, or man cave. Call us at (414) 763-7604.